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Creating an Environmentally Friendly Home

An environmentally friendly home seems like too much work for the average busy mom. But still, we want to do our part for the environment and improve the health of our families by not filling our homes with chemicals.

Where is the balance between a “green house” and a busy lifestyle? Here are some helpful tips that are quick and easy ways to help keep our homes healthy and our world staying beautiful:


environmentally friendly home


This is one of the most important things any family can do for the environment. Find out how your city handles recycling and then DO IT!

-Recycle plastic, paper and glass at your local recycling center or if you are lucky and have curbside recycling in your town, put the blue container out with your trash!

-Paint, batteries and household chemicals should NEVER be poured down the drain, flushed down the toilet or put in the trash to go to the landfill. Most cities have a hazardous waste removal day every few months. Watch the newspaper or local news to find out when these events are happening in your area.

-Return plastic grocery bags to the store for recycling. Most grocery stores have recycling bins near the front of the store. Or even better, use canvas grocery bags instead!

2. Use chemical-free household cleaning supplies.

- There are many great ways to clean your home without using harsh chemicals. Use everything from lemons to baking soda as natural cleaning products for a fresh, clean and environmentally friendly home!

3. Around the house tips for an environmentally friendly home

-Look for appliances with the “Energy Star” seal. These products use less energy, save you money and help protect the environment!

-Unplug electronics around the house like cell phone charges, lights and televisions when not in use to save energy. These items still use electricity if plugged in even when they are not in use.

-Purchase low voltage, energy saving light bulbs and turn out the lights when you leave a room. You will be amazed at how much this will save you on your electric bill!

-Set your hot water heater to 120 degrees. Not only is is safer for your children, it saves energy too.

-Look for paper and wood products with “Certified Sustainable Forest” labels. This means they are made from trees in forests that are replenished with new trees each year. Thus, keeping this renewable resource plentiful for future generations.

4. Use cosmetics, baby wipes, lotions, toothpaste and other beauty aids that don’t contain harsh chemicals.

-You would be surprised at how many of our daily cosmetics and beauty aids contain unhealthy chemicals. Be aware of what you are buying for your family. There are even baby wipes and shampoos that are unhealthy!

Visit the EWG website for more information on creating an environmentally friendly home!

Even if we all just did a small amount to help keep our homes chemical-free and the environment healthy, we will make a huge impact for generations to come!