Going Green for Back To School

going green for back to school

Are you going green for back to school? Yes, the time has come once again for children everywhere to hear those dreaded words including one very sweet 8 year old in this house! So, we are now back to packing lunches and doing homework. All of which I was JUST getting used to not having to worry about. But, I digress.

Do you have a plan for going green for back to school? We do. But, not an in-depth plan like you might think. I just don’t have the time or energy to be honest. Here is my plan:

1. Buy as little new clothing as possible. Instead, purchase from consignment stores, take hand me downs from friends (luckily, my kids are both on the small size for their ages!), or go without whenever possible. As I am reminded EVERY laundry day,they honestly really have plenty as it is.

2. Pack a healthy and as organic as possible lunch. Most of you know my daughter doesn’t eat a school lunch very often. Instead, I send a homemade lunch most everyday. I think she eats healthier this way AND I can send fun little notes inside to remind her I am thinking of her while she is away. So, I will continue to pack a healthy PB&J made with whole grain bread and natural peanut butter, organic baby carrots and organic applesauce all inside a reusable lunch bag to cut down on waste.

3.Purchase recycled school supplies. While not all my daughter’s school supplies are recycled, I do look for recycled paper, pencils and the like. We also talk about not wasting paper and recycling everything we can both at school and at home.

How are you going green for back to school? I would love to hear your ideas!

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